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Merlin The Talking Parrotdetails >>

Halifax, Canada

Merlin, a 9 year old Rainbow Macaw, joined the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic's crew during a Pets at Sea event in 2006. Merlin is fond of green grapes, peanuts, carrots, walnuts and even crackers! Camera is Flash streaming...


Falcon Camdetails >>

Columbus, OH United States

This photo is of the peregrine falcon, which is updated every 15 seconds from early morning until dusk. Come check it out!


Eagle Camdetails >>

Sheperdstown, WV United States

It's an endangered species that most will never get the opportunity to see in person, but thanks to a new cam, anyone who has ever wanted to see a bald eagle is able to do just that! Images updates every 45 seconds.


EarthCam: Illinois Falcon Camdetails >>

Waukegan, IL United States

This EarthCam cam lets you peer into a Peregrine nest on the roof of Midwest Generation\'s power plant in Waukegan, Il. A wooden box has been the urban nesting site of a peregrine from WI named Fran.


Horse Farm in the Bavarian Alpsdetails >>

Kaufbeuren, Germany

This image presents horses on their pasture in Germany. In clear conditions the Allgaeuer Alps can be seen in the distance. Updates every minute.


The Leprechaun Watchdetails >>

Tipperary, Ireland

The leprechaun Irish fairy watch camera is in a hidden location in a field overlooking a fairy ring in Tipperary, Ireland. If you see anything help by reporting your sighting! Updates every 30 seconds


HenCamdetails >>

Bradford, Great Britain

Hopefully you can see Milly, Tilly and Penny going about their chicken life in the coop! (Milly is the big fat white hen, Penny is the cowardly chicken and Tilly is the ruler of the coup) Updates every second


Punxsutawney Groundhog Camdetails >>

Punxsutawney, PA United States

When he's not busy forecasting, Punxsutawney Phil and his family reside at the Groundhog Zoo. Watch Phil and the other groundhogs as they play, eat, and do what groundhogs do best - sleep!


RickyCam on Jedi's Lairdetails >>

Bloomfield, NJ United States

RickyCam is the weekday webcam of a little chihuahua named Ricky.


Anton, The Horned Frogdetails >>


Anton, the horned frog presents himself 24 hours a day LIVE via 2 Infrared webcams. A LIVESTREAM is also available.


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